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Starting on the Interior


5/16/09, Bentonville, IN - I started working on the interior of the wagon today. First, I had to find out the size of some things so I ran up to Tractor Supply and bought my fencing supplies, batteries, inverter, charger and fence charger.

When I got back to the farm, I disassembled part of the right side counter & drawer assembly and fitted out the sink. stove, refrigerator and toilet.  It may seem strange to have a toilet in the kitchen, but, itís better then no toilet at all.  Itís nice to finally start work on the wagon construction!

My friend Barry, who was an outrider a couple of days last December is visiting for a couple of days next week to help with construction.  With another hand to help, it shouldnít take long to finish roughing things in

Before the horses get here (Wednesday night) I have to stop by a blacksmith and pick up some horseshoes with drilltex on them.  Thursday, I plan on tacking on some shoes so they can be driven on the road.  I also have to stop by a harness shop and pick up some new team driving lines.

My landlords, Dr. Dave and Dr. Marti Caldwell, are off to Purdue to see their daughter receive her PHD - Congragulations!

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