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6-17-09 004_edited-1-2
Slow Road to Montrose


5/25/10, Montrose, CO - I had so many visitors today, that it took us a long time to cover only 12 miles to a prearranged stopover in Montrose. But, I enjoyed the visitors and weíre finally here. Before I get to the dayís adventures, I have to mention an important date. This past Sunday, my youngest child, Lisa, graduated from San Diego State with a degree in Mathematics - Congratulations Lisa!

For now, Lisa is staying in San Diego and working for a defense contractor.


My daughter Lisa, all decked out in her robes, diploma in hand, and ready to go to work!

You can best sum up today by saying, ĎI had a lot of visitorsí.  It started with several people stopping by before I even broke camp this morning.  Among them was Carolynn, a friend of LuAnn Baker (who ran the Ladies Driving Clinic). Carolynn and I enjoyed a nice cup of coffee together; and later she stopped by and brought an excellent lunch for us.

Also stopping this morning was Cindy, a Belgian Breeder and Dude Ranch operator from the eastern slope, north of Fort Collins. Itís always nice talking to other working horse people!

After hitching up, I stopped about twice a mile to talk with folks.  One of the first was Lea, from the airport, who brought the lads some carrots.  About an hour later, the rest of the airport showed up to meet the team and I.  Itís a good thing those planes have autopilots!


Lea, with some treats for the boys.  In the past, Lea has had a job driving a team of Percherons

Just before I stopped for lunch, Aaron Luna, a TV reporter for KKCO, out of Grand Junction, CO, met up with me for a TV interview. Aaron is very personable, and a good interviewer.  I have a feeling weíll see him anchoring the national news one day. It was a great interview and Aaron left with some good footage. Here is a link for the news story.


Sue, her daughter, and the rest of the airport crew. Weíre running down a service road, to the side of US Route 550 for easier travel, but the team still has to be prepared to run the gauntlet!

After a nice lunch with Carolynn, we were off once more. After a few more stops to chat, we finally pulled into Walmart in the City of Montrose. I bought a replacement for the broken camera (no more cell phone pictures) and a couple of other things.  It was getting late, so I greeted some folks as I walked on by, but didnít stop to chat.


Aaron Luna, KKCO News

Tonight, weíre settled in at the home of Jim and Gayla in Montrose.  The team is going to town on a nice field of grass. They donít know it yet, but Iím giving them the day off tomorrow, to rest and fatten - I get nice surprises all the time; itís about time they had one too.


Gayla, with her first driving lesson.  She handled the lines like a Pro.

5-25-10 001

My first picture with the new camera.  The Boys, all settled in and munching grass.