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Sixth Day 'A 'Pullin


12/16/08, Needham Twp, IN - After tightening up a shoe, we pulled out of the Shelbyville Co-op about 9:15 am. The picture below, was taken by Officer Jason Brown of the Shelbyville Police Dept.  Officer Brown was kind enough to periodically check the horses while on patrol last night.  All of the horses can be seen laying down, except Joyce, the nighttime stealth-horse.

The morning drive was pleasant and uneventful. We drove through the city and took a back way out of town to avoid a tough stretch of route 44. 

A few miles out of town, I stopped for lunch and met with several guys that lived in the area. The wife of one of the gentleman prepared a nice lunch for me. I actually ate this a little later as my lunch hour consisted of a beer and chit chat.

Joe, another guy from lunch is going to swing by tomorrow morning with a few bales of hay!

Journey 12-16

After lunch, we drove about 6 more miles to a prearranged stop I had set up with Tina, another member of the Red Hats and Purple Chaps (RH&PC) organization.

Not long after we arrived, it started a freezing drizzle.  By the time I turned in for the night, there was a good glaze of ice on everything.

For dinner, a couple more ladies from RH&PC showed up and we all had Chil, a couple of glasses of wine and a good time.

Were taking a day of tomorrow.  The horses have been pulling for the last six days in a row and have a good chunk of Indiana behind them. Ive got to reshoe Doc in the rear and Deedee in the front.  Other than that I plan to relax and maybe go for a horseback ride with my host.