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Short Day in the Mountains



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4/25/10, South of Pagosa Springs - With a long day yesterday and some steep hills this morning, I decided to make a short day of it. Iím currently 15 miles south of the center of Pagosa Springs on highway 84.

By this afternoon, Clementine was a bit better, but Iím still not very optimistic about her. I got a little food and water into her today, but her breathing is still very rapid and her extremities are cool.  I didnít bother taking her temperature today, but I would say that she continues to have a problem with her circulation.

This morning, we entered the San Juan National Forest. Itís nice to be traveling through the Ponderosa, Fir, Spruce and Aspen trees.  Not long after we entered the National Forest, we had to climb a pretty steep hill.  It was about a half mile long and had a good 10% grade. Doc and Bill pull good together and are very competitive, each trying to outdo the other on hard pulls.

4-25-10 001

By traveling at 3 mph, I get to really roll the sights around in my mind.  Itís hard to capture the magnificence of a beautiful mountain range with a camera. Iíve hiked and climbed in mountains, and drove by them my whole life; but, I definitely get a different perspective when I travel with the wagon.

I stopped at a subdivision of Ranchettes for lunch.  While I was there I met Bob and Stacy. They invited me to their house to fill my water jugs.  While I was there, I drank a couple of beers with Bob, then invited him to travel with me in the afternoon. We put in another 3 miles before stopping at a National Forest turnout in a narrow mountain valley.

With only a 13 mile day, I decided to call it quits for the day. This was a good place to camp and both the team and I could use a lazy afternoon.  I donít have cell phone or internet service, but Iím surrounded by hills and ridges.

4-25-10 002

Into the San Juan National forest. Doc is having a bad-mane day.

Earlier today, I did call AT&T and found out they forgot to put any cell towers in southwest Colorado.  As soon as I find a Verizon store, the lack of AT&T service will become a non-issue.

This evening, I had a visit from Udgar, who is a resettled Scotsman. In the 1970ís, he loaded his family in a horse-drawn gypsy caravan and spent 6 months touring down the west coast of Scotland.

4-25-10 004

Our mountain valley camping spot.  Iíve got the wagon behind the cattle fence, so there should be no problem keeping all of the boys in the pen tonight.

Tomorrow, Iím headed for Pagosa Springs. I had an invitation to stay on a ranch just outside of town.  Iíve also got some general delivery mail to pick up at the post office, to include Barryís GPS tracking device, so he can pinpoint my exact location on the google map whenever he wants (unless I put it in the back of a chicken truck, bound for Moosejaw, Alaska).

4-25-10 003

Udgar, a fellow Wagoneer!