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Shoes, Plumbing & an Evening Drive



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6/1/09, Bentonville, IN - Thanks to Dr. Marti’s tranquilizer cocktail Ju-Ju Juice, Bill had a nice buzz on while I slapped some shoes on his rear feet. Even thought he was on his best behavior, I still managed to get knocked on my butt (I bet that looked funny).  When he shifted his weight, I couldn’t hold his foot in my lap with the bad left arm.  So, he did a little side-step and I did the old butt bounce!.

Well, they now have iron on all four feet, so it was time to take them out for a test drive.  Marti and Dave were both outriders as we rode around the block. Marti rode her warmblood mare while ponying the three week old filly.

The top photo shoes me driving the team in front of the “barn-ga-lo” apartment I rent from Dave and Marti - I always did want to live in a barn!

The lads were feeling pretty spry in their new dancing shoes and did most of the five mile trip around the block at a trot.

Earlier in the day, I finished boxing in the storage boxes, then installed the hot water heater and cold water storage tank.

A pretty nice day!


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