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6-17-09 004_edited-1-2
Settled at the Park


1/10/10, Bearden AR - We opted for a short day today; Denise and I needed it, but more importantly, the horses had to have some time to kick back.

We had a prearranged stop in the town of Bearden, twelve miles down the road.  Gilbert, a fellow teamster, arranged for us to stay in a really nice city park. We have both electricity and water, and the horses are set up in a nice tranquil setting amongst the pine trees.

The town policeman and Gilbert both helped us get settled in.  This is one of the nicest camping spots we’ve had on this trip.

Few people may know it, but we both stay pretty busy all day long. Usually, we’re up a couple of hours before sunup and stay active all day long.  We generally split the work in accord with what we do best.  In the morning, I get the team ready to go and do the outside stuff, Dee squares away the inside of the wagon. At lunch, we both unbridle, feed and water the team.  When we’re setting up camp, we split the chores until they’re done.  For example, Denise harnesses and unharness the horses as well, but I usually lift them on and off their backs. 

In the afternoon, we had several visitors, including the two fine boys shown in the pictures.

This was a really great day. We all had a chance to actually get in some rest and recreation.

1-10-10 063

Driving down a really nice stretch of road between Fordyce and Bearden.

1-10-10 066

Bearden Town Policeman, Myself and Gilbert with the team.

1-10-10 069

With our northern blood, Denise and I were amongst the very few in Arkansas that were enjoying a beer outside today.

1-10-10 072

Gilbert’s grandson had absolutely no feer of horses and enjoyed sitting on Bill.

1-10-10 080

David helping me out with chores.  I showed him how smaller Amish children carry water buckets.

1-10-10 088

David (he said you can also call him Dave) also liked graining the horses.

With the graining done, there’s always some hay to haul.

1-10-10 091