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School With the Kids

1/9/09, Madisonville, KY - A picture perfect day!.  I was hitched up and moving to the Slaughters Elementary School by 8:00 am. After pulling into the school drive, I unhitched the team and asked the teachers to arrange the kids in a big semicircle.  The safest way I can have that many kids and the horses interact is by having the horses tied to the wagon, then bringing the horses individually to the kids. 

Like all sessions with kids, this was a great time.  They asked a lot of good questions and really enjoyed petting the horses and giving them treats.

After I was finished, a class and their teacher presented me with a copy of the book they are currently reading “Farmer Boy”, by Laura Ingalls Wilder.

Leaving the School, we drove the 10 or 12 miles to the city of Madisonville. Just before we entered the north side of town, the Sheriff’s Department had a care pull in behind us for an escort - Thank you.

About this time, I picked up a reporter from the Madisonville newspaper for an hour long ride/interview. She seemed to enjoy the change from her normal duties (crime scenes).

I stopped at Arby’s Roast Beef on the north end of town for a bite to eat and to rest the horses.  Leaving there, I proceeded with the Sheriff’s Deputy south for about a mile in heavy traffic. At the first opportunity, I jumped onto a back street.

The horse and I are now resting very comfortably at a farm owned by Mike in the midst of the city.  The team has a couple of acres of really good graze and are doing what horses like best - eating good grass.

This evening, Mike had a nice little bonfire, and we all sat around enjoying the beautiful weather.  With a nice steak and salad dinner later on, this turned out to be a picture perfect day.

We’re going to stay here an extra day and give them time to rest and fatten up.


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