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3/5/10, Bangs, TX - This was a really a great day, in which we met a lot of super people.  The morning started a little rough, but things just kept getting better.

After I broke camp, I harnessed the horses and noticed that Doc had a gall on his right shoulder.  I changed collars and pads on him, but I couldnít get the point of draft on the collar away from the gall.  To keep it from getting any worse, I harnessed up the two Belgians and let Doc walk behind the trailer. Itís nice to be able to give each of the horses one day off every third day, but if I have a problem like this, I can also do something, so Iím not dead in the water.  Iíll keep working on a solution that will allow the gall to heal while Doc works. If I come up with something, Billy can have his day off. If I donít find a solution, Doc gets to walk down Easy Street for a week or two.

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3-5-10 003

About two hours out of camp, we started coming into the Cities of Early and Brownwood. On the outskirts of Early, a woman pulled up and wished us a great trip and gave me a bag of Peanut Brittle.  Thatís how the day started, but it just kept getting better.

Then a guy stopped to chat and offered to buy me a couple of bales of hay. Then, in the next half hour, 30 people stopped by, to include Candace from the newspaper, a radio personality (who did an on-air interview), a lady from the restaurant, who gave me the two best burritos that I have ever eaten, and dozens of other people who wanted to chat and pet the horses.

3-5-10 001

I finally made it a mile down the road to the gas station, where I filled up my water jugs and bought some gasoline for the generator. While there, another few dozen people stopped by to chat, share their stories, wish us well, and pet the horses.  When I left the gas station, I only drove a short way before pulling into a park in the City of Brownwood, for lunch.  The two picture with the kids petting the horses, are just some of the dozens of folks who visited during lunch.

The remainder of the way through Brownwood, we stopped about every 5 minutes to chat. Leaving Brownwood, we had to climb a long, steep hill. A nice guy pulled in behind me with the flashers on to slow traffic. For the next few miles, I stopped about every five or ten minutes to talk with folks.  They included a couple of folks that were helping me find a place to stay in the town of Bangs, and a young lady who hopped on the wagon for a short ride.

3-5-10 002

Tonight, I staying with Truman and his wife in the city of Bangs.  Truman took me down to the local Mexican Restaurant for supper. The lads are very comfortably munching a large round bale in a paddock.  These folks have been super.

I would score this day a 9 on the 1 to 10 scale, but only because everyone would think I was lying if I scored it a 10.  Tomorrow, Iím headed back up route 84.