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6-17-09 004_edited-1-2
Riders and Raw Weather

11/9/08 - New Franklin, OH - The day started cool and got colder. It was about 8:45 am before I finally pulled out of the Clearwater RV park.  It was great of Mert and his family to have me.

The team was a little reluctant to pull and need quite a bit of encouragement. For our first break of the morning we stopped in front of Jeremyís house.  He and his family braved the chilly weather in T-shirts to come out and see the horses and feed them some carrots.  The kids got a kick out of petting and feeding the horses.  The little girl (Diane) and her uncle Ray accepted my invitation to ride along for the morning.

Not long after leaving their house, there was a short, steep (15% grade) hill with a set of railroad tracks at the bottom.  We couldnít get a running start and the team lost traction about half way up. I backed them off the hill and turned down a side street to take a mile long detour around.

At lunch, Jeremy picked up Diane and Uncle Ray.  Ray was from the south and couldnít stop shivering in the front of the wagon.

A whole bunch of people stopped to see the horses at lunch.  All in all in was a pretty nice lunch time.  There was one guy that I see the likes of from time to time -  I was busy taking the bridles off the horses.  He was too lazy to get out of his car.  Then he was perturbed that I didnít drop what I was doing and go over to him.   Hmmm, I bet he leaves big tips for the waitress at the local diner too!

After lunch, we put in about an hour and a half and called it quits. Weíre staying next to a drive through restaurant in a field. Itís suppose to be a cold rain tonight, so Iíve got the team dressed in their matching (polo team) rain suits.  Donít they look smart?

Tomorrow, should see us clear of the Cleveland/Akron/Canton Megapolis. And weíll be heading southwest on route 585 toward Wooster.  In the next couple of days, I have to find a place to keep the team for a week while I head back to New Hampshire to close on the house in Deerfield.


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