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6-17-09 004_edited-1-2
Retrain Doc? - Not Required

10/7/09 - Bentonville, IN -  After an eight month absence, ‘Ol Doc is back in his harness.  How did he do?

Well, in the half hour I drove him there were a couple of times when he didn’t respond to voice commands alone. I actually had to use the the bit once or twice - “Jar-headed old horse”.  He only got a couple of apples and a few handfuls of oats for a treat, after that performance.

Seriously, he drove as well as he ever did.  I couldn’t have been more pleased with the ‘ol boy.  If he wasn’t such an apple-holic, and if he didn’t make such wierd noises, when he sees a red roan mare, he could apply for horse saint-hood.

Next up for Doc is some individual team driving with Bill, then Bob. After that, it’s all three pulling the unicorn hitch.

On other fronts: The “Wagonteamster” book should be ready to go to the printer in about a week and a half. I probably won’t have time to finish “It Takes a Team”, until after I get on the road - I’m itching too much to get back to a nomadic lifestyle.

I bought a small trailer for the wagon today.  As I’m heading west, it’s a longer distance between resupply points, so I’ll need more hay and water storage.

Next week, the wagon goes to the Amish carriage maker to have roll-up, boat-type canvass installed around the driving compartment.

This was a pretty nice day!