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3/8/10, Silver Valley, TX - We only drove about 15 miles yesterday, but the team was tired and I was glad for an early quitting time. We accepted an invitation at the Warrior Spring Ranch, by owner Curtis Roger.

The weather was gloomy and raining, both yesterday and today, with light misty rainfall. Everybodyís mood was a little down with the weather. As Docís shoulder is still healing and he has been on the ĎInjured Reserve Listí, the Belgians have been pulling the load for the past five days without a day off. Theyíve been doing a great job, but I could tell they were ready for a day off. With B.O.B., I can see it in his eyes.  With Bill, well, he starts to lose his bounce.  When Bill starts to move more horizontally and less vertically, heís ready for a day off.

So, today weíre taking one!

3-8-10 001

Nice enclosure for the team at the small ranch that weíre at.

Iím camped at a nice, little ranch, about a half mile off the highway. I wanted to get some writing done, so this is a nice quiet place to do it.

A few people have commented on the rub marks they see on the horsesí hindquarters and shoulders - this is just where hair has rubbed off.  The winter hair is much looser then summer hair so it doesnít take much for the harness to rub it off.  Right now, as they are shedding, the winter hair is really loose. I could stuff a mattress with it every time I brush them.  Doc is the only horse right now that has any kind of sore.

3-8-10 002

In more then 3000 miles of travel, this is the first shoulder gall Doc has had.  Itís shallow, so it should heal pretty quick.

The day before yesterday, I was interviewed by a reporter in Santa Anna. The article ran in todayís edition of the Reporter News newspaper.

The evening before I get to Abilene, Iíll have to camp right at the edge of town.  Itís a larger city and with all the extra stops Iíll have, it will take all day to get across.