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3/9/09, Hickory, NC - Iím still mending bones. I still have to take it kind of slow as the bones are only partially set up and if I move the wrong way they pop out of position - ouch.

Anyway, the highlight of my day is opening up all the Snail and E-mail I get everyday from all over the country.  This is from everyone: long time friends and family, nice people I met on the trip, people I never met who saw me and just people that have heard about or are following the story, To all of these people who have sent cards, notes and money I say a very hearty THANK YOU.  I wish I had the energy to say thank you to each one individually, but I donít,   I hope this will suffice.

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The following picture was on a whiteboard across from my bed in the hospital.  For several weeks I really got a kick out of seeing my daughter wish me a speedy recovery.  Instead of being morose, she got up on my sisterís RV (Trapper John MD style) in the parking lot of the hospital and toasted me with a cocktail. I was glad to see her early training paid off - ha ha. Seriously, this picture did an awful lot for my morale. Hopefully weíll be able to both have cocktails together on top of the RV in about 3 weeks. Sheís using part of her spring break to come and visit.  My dad always said - ďDonít raise boring kidsĒ.


Iím currently in the process of writing a book about the travels to date.  I have a great editor and hope to have it completed in a couple of months.  With all of the wonderful people weíve met and the really great places weíve traveled, Iíve got a lot of really good material to work with.

With the state of the economy and with a lot of people out of work, i say this - if you have your health. family and friends - donít worry, things have a way of working out.  If youíre not employed and donít know what to do with yourself each day, go volunteer your time. Jobs are usually found by getting out and networking with people, not by filling out applications. If you donít find a job, youíll stay busy and do the community a good service.  If youíre not doing this, dig up the yard and plant a garden.  Itís peaceful and a lot of good free food.  If you have a job, hire your friends and neighbors to help you out - Itís good for everyone.

I have a couple of new short stories I published on the Your Stories page. Top Hand and For the Love of Buck are both written about a feisty ranch hand named Sandy.  I hope you enjoy them.