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2/24/10, Waco, TX - The past week I spent relaxing at my brother’s place in Austin. Last Thursday, he drove up with his son, Preston to pick Denise and I up. It’s always nice to see family, but catching a ride down to Austin was also bittersweet. On Saturday morning, Denise, my companion for the past few months, would be flying back to Michigan.

2-24-10 011

Denise and I spent Friday relaxing at my brother’s house. It was nice to return to a normal existence for awhile, but I already missed my team. There’s something real soothing in watching them graze around you. Occasionally, one of the horses will peer into the front of the wagon and sublimely ask, “How ‘ya ‘doin Bob? You got any extra oats for your old pal?

On Saturday morning, Denise caught her flight and is now safely back in Michigan. I spent the remainder of the day with my nephew Preston.

2-24-10 014

This morning, my brother dropped me off back at the wagon. My host Bonnie and her friend Ray took me out to re-provision the wagon with oats, hay and groceries. The trailer is full of supplies for the coming week, but somehow, the wagon seems empty.

Tomorrow, I’ll cross the city of Waco, and start westward down US Route 84, towards the City of Abilene. My destination after that is either the town of Clovis, NM or Roswell, NM. After that I plan on heading for Santa Fe.


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