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Rainy Day



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1/29/10, Redhill, TX - We woke to a morning with the temperature a few degrees above freezing and a light rain.  Last night, we tied the horses to the fence line, as it was close to the highway, and there was a fairly active railroad track on the other side of the road.  Before tying them, they had a few hours of romping in their playpen.

They did fine last night, but this morning, Bob starting getting cold as the weather cooled this morning. The best remedy for a cold horse is some work in the harness. By the time we pulled out at 8:30 am, he warmed up in no time.

Most of the day it was a constant battle to keep the inside of the windscreen wiped down and fog-free.

The big obstacle for the day was crossing Wright-Pattnan Lake on a long bridge/causeway.  Traffic was light and the team was driving well, so it wasnt much of a problem.

Tonight, were camped at the Community Center for the town of Redhill. We put the blankets on the horses as it is suppose to drop below freezing, with a good chance of mixed precipitation. This is actually a really good camping location; we have water and electricity, were on a lightly traveled road - and there are NO trains!

Bob picked up a minor gall on his shoulder today.  Most horses lose a couple of inches in neck size when there are driven over long distances.  Bob has been the last of the team to do so, and I probably waited too long to swap him to a smaller collar. Tomorrow, Ill put him in a smaller collar and the gall will heal up as the new collar will draft higher on his neck than the old one.

Tomorrow, were going to continue down State Route 8 until the town of Linden, where well pick up Route 155, heading southwest. So far, the roads in Texas have been great!

Ill be late posting this blog, as there is no internet service at all tonight.  I expect that as we travel west, through the back roads, this will often be the case, and it might be a couple of days before I can post on the Net/

1-29-10 004

It was a cool, rainy day

1-29-10 028

Bob and Doc did a great job crossing the long bridge across the Sulfur River.

1-29-10 033

Driving across the bridge

1-29-10 038

Camped for the night at the Red Hill Community Center

1-29-10 041

Home Sweet Home; complete with leg wraps and lead ropes drying on the door.