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Plumbing  Done & Nice Workout



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6/6/09, Bentonville, IN - Two major accomplishments for the day. First I finished installing the plumbing and leak checked it. The top picture shows the hot water heater, 20 gallon cold water storage tank and the waste tank.  Under the water tank are the isolation valves and the water pump. I mounted the hose reel for tying into a faucet under the rear shelf.

The next picture shows the shower head mounted above the door with the hot and cold valve mounted next to the door. Iím definitely going to keep the pump switch off when Iím running down the road. Thereís a time and place for a shower.

Except for a couple of small leaks (which I fixed), everything worked really well.

With the plumbing done, it was time to move onto driving the team. We had a terrific 11 mile drive But first they had to be harness and hitched. A few months ago, I could harness and hitch 4 horse in 15 to 20 minutes. It takes me a little longer now a days. With the bad shoulder, I canít throw the harness up, only push it, so it doesnít fall very straight on top of the horse.  Bill doesnít seem to mind the extra time it takes me to harness Bob.

Friend Dave Caldwell and I took the lads down to US Route 40 and let them mix it up with a little traffic.  I drove the team about halfway and Dave took them for the other half.

Theyíre settling down real well and driving with a fairly light rein.  They handled the traffic like proís and covered most the the distance at a trot.

By the time we got back to the house, they were actually a little tired and ready relax out in the pasture.

This was a really great day. It makes you wonder if those horseless carriages really should be a passing fad - thereís no way people would willingly give up a good team to drive around in a stinky old car!

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