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6-17-09 004_edited-1-2
Pleasant Travel & Time For Introspection


12/03/09, Orchardville, IL - The days of our lives unfold like the revolution of wagon wheels upon a peaceful road. Everywhere we traveled today, there were good people, stopping to talk, and waving as we passed. Countless times in my travels I hear from good people who express how Iím living their dream. They state how they would love to pursue this life of carefree travel, meeting wonderful people along the way.  I tell them that they could do it as well - youíre never too old, this life is only a hitch away.

They reply, ďI would, if I wasnít married, or had responsibilities, or I wasnít encumbered by this or that, or if I had the gutsĒ.

In retrospect, I see that they are the cornerstone of what is good in our society.  Not only are they doing whatever they can for their family, friends, and community, they are seeking to do even more, to be even more - God Bless Them!

This morning, I met Arthur and Florence, who were coming down the main road, just as we pulled out onto the highway in front of them. This couple have followed my travels for over a year, and set out from Effingham, IL in search of me.  I thought of what the odds were that I would pull out of a gravel, back road, just a few hundred feet in front of them, after all their travel -  coincidence, I doubt it.

After telling me that I was living his dream, I liked Arthurís reason for not doing likewise; he and his wife travel to Guatemala every year to ensure that young people get a good education. It seems to me that they have their own wagon.

12-3-09 004

The red horses at lunch - Doc is on the other side of the wagon

Denise and I had lunch in a parking lot in the town of Cisne.  Several people stopped by, including a nice fellow from the town maintenance department, that gave me a half full can of propane.

Tonight, we have a primitive camp in a hay field, just north of the town of Orchardville.  The amigos are bedded down in their electric playpen, on some nice long grass.  The moon is just a couple of days past being full, and itís a nice camping spot.

Somehow, I think tomorrow is going to be a nice day!