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Pictures are Better Than Words


4/20/10, Cebolla, NM - Last night, a Rancher and his Wife stopped by to chat.  He said the area that I’m about to go into is the most beautiful in New Mexico - he wasn’t kidding.  The team put in quite a few miles today, but I had to spend the whole day doing it.  We were constantly stopping to take pictures. I’m going to keep the story short and let the pictures do the talking.  It was a great day, we met a lot of really good people, saw some fantastic sights, had a little humor and ended up 5 miles south of Cebolla, with a road side camp.  Tomorrow, I’m headed to a prearranged stop at Leonard Orr’s place, just outside the town of Tierra Amarilla.

4-20-10 002

After gaining a few hundred feet in elevation, we dropped into the Abiquiu Basin

4-20-10 003

The Abiquiu Reservoir, looking from the south.

4-20-10 004

I thought it strange that New Mexico’s Cattle Caution signs used milk cattle

4-20-10 005

This scene was repeated dozens of times today

4-20-10 007

Our first good view of the north mesa wall of the basin.

4-20-10 008

Now, that’s a handsome lad!

4-20-10 009

The Western Adventurer’s Vehicle

4-20-10 016

The Mighty Team!

4-20-10 022
4-20-10 027
4-20-10 028
4-20-10 031

Philosophical B.O.B. thinks that with an uncluttered mind, you can see things clearly!

4-20-10 033
4-20-10 035
4-20-10 036
4-20-10 038
4-20-10 046
4-20-10 051
4-20-10 054

The horses waited patiently, while I walked across the cattle guard and filled up the empty water jugs.  This is at the Echo Amphitheater, managed by the National Forest Service.

4-20-10 057

It was a long climb out of the basin for the team. They went up about 1500 feet in elevation in just a few miles while climbing up Navajo Canyon. Tonight, we’re camped at the 7500 foot elevation.

4-20-10 058

Finally out of the canyon, but we got about 300 feet to climb until we hit the top, which is where we camped.

4-20-10a 001

Two local Stoners who stopped by to say ‘Hi’.  They had just returned from making the commercial “This is your mind on drugs”.  The other side of this two wheel drive is really buried.  Doc gave it his all, and broke my only strap. Finally, I suggested they use my cell phone and call for assistance. 10 minutes later, I guy with a one ton and chain pulled them out. Please, for your safety, do not try to imitate the stunts performed by this Dynamic Duo.  P.S, -  For Doc’s safety, I wouldn’t let them start the vehicle when he was in front of it!

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