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Picture Takers



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12/20/09, Octa, MO - A very nice day of travel, but chilly, with a cold dampness in the air. After breaking camp, we drove 20 miles today, settling on a farm owned by Dave and Ginny Andrews. This should be our last night in the great state of Missouri.

I was up early this morning and caught a picture of all three of the boys lying down and enjoying a little snooze.

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12-20-09 006

All morning long we had a string of well-wishers and picture takers. Traffic was light on early Sunday morning and nearly everyone stopped or slowed down to see the team and the wagon.

At our first break, we met Dennis, who owns a nursery. He was kind enough to give us a couple of nice bales of Bermuda hay and a great bunch of turnips.

Lunch was at a beer bottling plant.  Even though we were parked under a Budweiser sign, only one person assumed that the horses were Clydesdales. Shortly after breaking for lunch, Steve stopped by and said,  “Don’t eat lunch yet - I’m bring you some”. He was as good as his word, and shortly afterwards showed up with a goody bag, which included some great homemade soup and chili. 

Of course, Denise had to save some room for a greasy-burger and fries. While we were at McDonalds we drew quite a crowd of people.  I guess seeing draft horses under a Budweisser sign is more common than under the Golden Arches.

Passing through town, we headed southwest on US 412. A few miles down the road, Dave stopped and presented us with some really great cookies that his wife had baked. He also invited us out to his farm for the night. We really didn’t need some his wife’s great homemade fudge to talk us into it, but we got some anyway.  Thank you Dave and Ginny.

Getting a little shuteye in the playpen at 4:30 AM

12-20-09 010

Dennis, who gave us two great bales of hay and some turnips

12-20-09 011

Doc - “Is that Bud you got in that bag?  You know we aren’t Clydesdales, we drink the imported stuff”.

12-20-09 018

Typical lunchtime scene. Great food, courtesy of Steve, who stopped by to say ‘hi’ and brought us lunch.

12-20-09 022

Denise now has Bob and Bill trained to zero in on the Golden Arches.

12-20-09 025

One of the dozens of picture takers we had today.

12-20-09 026

More picture takers. I must really be photogenic.

12-20-09 027

Denise has sworn to buy a Big Mac in every state on the trip. I almost got out of Missouri without her scoring one - oh well.

12-20-09 028

Camped at Dave and Ginny Andrew’s Farm.