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6-17-09 004_edited-1-2
Paved Goat Path Travel

11/19/09, Martinsville, IN - This was a day of travel on that windy, narrow, hilly section of State Route 44, that I had previously referred to as a “paved over goat path”. 

It was tough leaving Larry and Patti Vogel this morning. After Larry finished spoiling my horses this morning with his special grain concoction and numerous brushings, Patti loaded me down with home raised organic meat and vegetables - Thank You Vogels!

I had Doc and Bob hitched up today, with Bill being ponied behind the trailer. This was the first time Bill has been tied to the trailer when we traveled.  With his bouncy, A.D.D. type behavior, I bandaged his front legs first.  The differences between Bob and Bill being led like this, are like day and night.  Bob really enjoys taking it easy and watching the world unfold as he strolls along.  Bill hates it - he has too much energy and a short attention span.

We originally had planned on stopping at Morgan County Feed in Martinsville, before heading up to Nan Demare’s place, a couple of mile to the north.  By the time we got to Martinsville, the horses were pretty tuckered, so we camped out back of the grain mill instead.  As always, the owner, Scott, has been great to us.

Nan stopped down with a great home cooked supper and we enjoyed a great feast in the wagon.  As small as it is, the wagon seats four at meal time.

Tomorrow, we’re off to Gosport, IN and the horse camping property owned by J.W. Jones. I’m really looking forward to our stay there. We’re going to take a couple of days off and rest the horses while we have a nice riding/feasting weekend with some friends from Michigan.



11-19-09 029

Pulling hills in the rain.

11-19-09 023

Stopped for a blow at the top of the hill. Notice Bill with his leg wraps - essential for a horse with A.D.D when it’s ponied.

11-19-09 005

Cowboy Checklist:  The cowboy that forgets his Fucia colored saddle poncho is sure to get his bum wet!

11-19-09 032-1

After supper chat with Nan, Barry and Denise.