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Outriders, Riders and National News

12/12/08, Bentonville, OH - Today was a nice but busy day. Dawn broke to cool but fairly clear skies.  This morning, Barry, a local horse enthusiast joined the wagon as an outrider for a couple of days. Barry has a nice looking Quarterhorse and spent the day riding near the wagon. Itís great to have him along.

I had plenty of riders today.  First came Al, Wagonmaster for a local covered wagon club.  Then came Billie and Debbie. After lunch I had Dave and Marti.  They were all great company and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

We drove the 19 miles to Dave and Martiís place in Bentonville.  A couple of the hills on the road to their place were steep, but the horse managed to pound their way to the top.

The afternoon was overcast and cool, but all in all in was a great day of driving.

I finally got some decent internet access tonight and checked my mail. I found out that the local channel 6 TV interview I gave yesterday had been picked up by CNN. The website took well over 10,000 hits today and I had over a thousand E-mails.  So, you have to excuse me if I didnít get a chance to write too many people back - sorry.

I would like to thank everybody for their kind words and offers for the team to stay. 

For all those that provided me with assistance, kind words and a wave today - thank you.


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