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4/7/10, Halfway between Yeso & Vaughn, TX - This was a day of wide open spaces, light traffic, deer, antelope, great views, picture takers, and another traveler.

Shortly after pulling out of the ‘Almost Ghost Town’ of Yeso, I surprised a big mule deer, about 25 feet from the wagon. By the time I got the camera out and took a picture, he was about 150 feet away, and crossing the railroad track.  Later, I had two different Pronghorn rams following the wagon for about a mile.  They stayed about 200 yards off, and just kept pace with me until I cleared their territory.

Ranches are very large in this part of the state.  I only passed 4 or 5 ranch houses all day long, and half of those were so far off the road I couldn’t see them.

Several people stopped to take picture and for a quick chat. Since there were only about 15 or 20 cars an hour, this was a good percentage.

Near the end of the afternoon, the team had to pull up a couple of large hills. The view from the top of the second hill was so fantastic, I decided it was a great place to make camp for the night. We only covered 16 miles today, but I was in the mood for an early camp, a cold beer, and a nice relaxing view.

Not long after a made camp, several folks stopped by, including, a nice guy that was in the Air Force, and Lance, another traveler.  Lance travels in a van that he has converted into a pseudo-camper.

I let the horse graze on the buffalo grass for awhile, the pulled them out of the playpen and tied them to the wagon, where they can munch their hay for the night.

This was a great day with an early quitting time.


4-7-10 001

Shortly after leaving Yeso, I snapped a shot of this mule deer crossing the tracks

4-7-10 003

The morning hours we traveled down flat, wide open roads with little traffic.

4-7-10 005

This is a cattle guard at the entrance to a big ranch. Note the gate to the right, that allows horses to be led, ridden or driven by the cattle guard.  For animals, a cattle guard is like a gate that you don’t have to close.

4-7-10 006

Animals with hooves pay attention to what they step on.  For obvious reason they won’t step on a cattle guard.

4-7-10 007

Big B.O.B. says, “As photogenic as I am, I could be the star of a western movie.”

4-7-10 008

A very nice setting for our evening camp.  The mesa on the right side of the picture is about 25 to 30 miles away.

4-7-10 015

The deer bones in the foreground really give this picture a western feeling.

4-7-10 017

Horse Boss, Bill, making the best out of some old buffalo grass.

4-7-10 018

Lance, who’s traveling around in his van.

4-7-10 021

The setting sun cast a nice glow over ‘Ol Doc!


This picture was taken yesterday, as we were departing Fort Sumner.

Photo Courtesy of Scott Stinnett, DeBaca County News


This picture was also taken yesterday, as we were departing Fort Sumner.

Photo Courtesy of Scott Stinnett, DeBaca County News