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11-7-09, Bentonville, IN -  I finally set Saturday, 11/14 as our departure date for Trip Three.  Yesterday, I picked up the last of the books from the printer.  Clementine, Chief Accountant for Wagonteamster Publishing is busy guarding them. In the next couple of days, Iíll offer them for sale on the website.

The wagon now has new rear brakes and hub assemblies.  Iíve also been busy buttoning it up for winter. New, for this trip is a 1200 watt generator.  This will help me be a little more self-sufficient and allow me to camp at primitive sites and still recharge the batteries.

Today, my good friend Barry Rayburn stopped over and we took the lads out for a nine mile training run.  They did pretty good, except for a couple of bouts of ĎAttention Deficit Disorderí with Bill - nothing that a 20 mile day in the traces wonít cure.

Being the Boss Hoss, Doc understands teamster union rules and called for a Break Time after pulling for 5 or 6 miles.  For the next week, I plan on training only every other day. The muscles in Docís left hindquarter are still a little tight from the wound he got in the accident. Iím being careful to stretch them out slowly so he doesnít go lame.

Barry plans on coming back next weekend and out-riding on his Quarterhorse for a couple of days when we pull out.  It will be good to have him along.


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