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12/26/08,  Gosport, IN - It was with reluctance that we finally left Nan Demaree’s  place north of Martinsville.  Nan went way out of her way to make our stay a pleasant one.

Both Christmas and Christmas Eve were very nice with lots of good people and some terrific food. Yesterday, I put some new shoes on Doc and Deedee.  Doc also got his mane roached (I think some of the mares he met were thinking that he was looking a little shabby.)

After a trip to the grain store this morning, we managed to get on the road by about 9:30 am. The horses were eager and stepped out pretty good.  Not long after we started, a fog started to settle in.  Fortunately, the LED flashers on the wagon do a good job of cutting through the murk.

We stopped for lunch in the town of Paragon. By that time the fog was getting pretty thick.  Several folks stopped by to chat before and during lunch.

Going up the hill to Gosport, I went through the fastest temperature inversion I have ever seen.  The hill climbed about 100 feet in elevation and the temperature went from 42 up to 58 degrees F. I had to stop twice and wipe the condensation from the windows. By the time we were halfway up the hill the fog had disappeared.

We’re camped tonight at J.W. Jones place a couple miles the other side of Gosport. Mr. Jones has several campsites for people with horses that he lets folks use for free.

Supper was a nice ribeye steak and some red beans and rice.  While I’m writing this blog, I have the bath water heating. There’s no internet signal here so I’ll have to publish it in the morning.

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