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6-17-09 004_edited-1-2
Old Home Week in Central Indiana

5/23/09, Franklin, IN - Tonight, we’re camping a few miles to the west of Franklin.  The team did an excellent job today and put in about 25 miles.

If you could sum this day up, it was about renewing old friendships and finding some new ones. First, I ran into my good friend Joe Mohr (about the same place as last year - near the river bridge, west of Shelbyville).  Joe’s house was on the detour around the route 44 construction, so we stopped by and said hi to his family.  This was a really nice stop.

Next, I bumped into one of the guys from the county road crew. Last year, I gave him and his wife a ride around the Shelbyville Coop.

Then, I ran into Camry, the daughter of Tina Nunez, with whom I stayed for a couple of days last year.

West of Franklin, I was going to stop at Larry Vogels organic dairy, but was waylaid first by some good folks up the road.  No bother, they went and fetched Larry (along with a bunch of other folks.)

You can see that Bill and Bob are getting into the swing of enjoying their adoring public.  It won’t be long before they are as big a hams as the old team was. 

To sum it up, this was a great day for seeing old friends and finding new ones.  The weather was warm, but dry, the roads were flat, the food was good, and I really had a good time.


6-23-09 003

Yesterday’s Campsite

6-23-09 004

Good Friend, Joe Mohr

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