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Ohio River Crossing



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1/7/09, Robard, KY - Probably the highlight of today’s trip was the beginning. At 8:15 am, Colonel David Crafton of the Henderson County Sheriff’s Department met me at the gas station at the foot of the bridge to escort me over.

I would like to say that it was an exciting crossing with all sorts of hairy situations, but alas, it turned out to be  a nice trip over that went as smooth as silk.

The approach to the truss bridge across the river proper was a long uphill inclined bridge across the flood plain. The lanes were 10 feet wide with about a foot of usable shoulder.  The team traveled the whole bridge, never deviating from their steered path by more then 6 inches.  All in all, including the flood plain, we were on the bridge for about 2 miles.

Colonel Crafton did a great job slowing traffic down so that it passed us at no more then 40 mph. He stayed with us until we reached the city of Henderson proper - Thank you Henderson County Sheriff’s Dept.

Our first break of the day was at a convenience/liquor store in Henderson. A big thank you to Davy the owner and a bunch of other people for your gifts and well wishes (and to others we encountered during the day)..

The drive for the rest of the day was very pleasant and full of well wishers and picture takers.  One hazard we continuously face is the cell phone picture taker that stops in the middle of the traffic lane to take a shot. 

We ended up traveling about 19 miles and are currently located at Sandy’s place, about a mile north of the burg of Robard. If you get a chance to visit Henderson County, KY, please do. It’s a real friendly place.

 Tomorrow, we’re off to meet some knew nice folks on the road south of here.  Bill Corbett, a fellow teamster is going to ride along with me for the day.

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