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Nice Return to Chama


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7/20/10, Chama, NM - Itís has been nearly 3 months since I passed this way last. After a long day of travel, we settled with some nice folks on the western edge of town.  Having crossed back east across the Continental Divide, today also marks the beginning of Leg 4 of the journey.

All day long, good folks from the Jicarilla (pronounced ĎHick-a-ri-yaí) Apache nation stopped to check on my welfare and to see if there was anything I needed.  They included a guy that was willing to provide me with an escort vehicle, and a lady and her daughter who ran to town and bought me a bottle of water and a pack of cookies. The Jicarilla are a very warm people who have close ties with both family and friends.

An hour after lunch, we crossed the Continental Divide and entered Leg 4 of the Western Wagon Journey. I tried to spare B.O.B. the mental anguish of our previous stop on the Divide, and timed our arrival so it didnít coincide with lunch.


7-20-10 001

Across the Divide and on the Eastern Slope

Tonight, Iím camped at the Rocky Mountain Mini Mart, on the western edge of Chama. When I stopped to get ice, the extended family who owns the store asked me if I had a place to stay for the night. Jim Cunniingham, a friend visiting from Tyler, TX said that his father (Jim) has been following me on the internet for a long time. Even though I didnít get a chance to meet the elder Jim, I would like to extend a warm greeting.

7-20-10 002

Jim Cunningham with the team in front of the Rocky Mountain Mini Mart.

Tonight, the horses are bedded down on a pasture full of alfalfa and grass.  Iíve got a belly full of some of the best red chili and beans Iíve ever had - Thanks Herman! The wagon is completely filled with water and the batteries are getting a good charge. Thanks to my gracious hosts weíre set up real good.

Tomorrow, I have to pick up some grain, then weíve got the long climb up Cumbres Pass. Due to the long ascent, Iíll be hitched up in a Unicorn. It will be nice to be back up in the high country (over 10,000 feet) for a while.  If the weather stays hot in the low lands, I might languish in the cool air for a couple of days - weíll see.