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New Venue, New Address


Dear Readers,

Iím finally out of the hospital - Yeah.  I would like to really thank the staff at the Rush Memorial Hospital for everything - they did some good cutting, nursing, administrating and so much more. I would also like to thank everybody else in the hospitality state for everything theyíve done for me - Thank You!

Iím currently at my sisterís house in Hickory, North Carolina. This is a great place to knit some bones, do some healing, then build wagon - II and get it on the road. If anybody would like to snail mail me, my current address is:

    Bob Skelding

    119 Heritage Creek Dr.

    Hickory, NC  28601

Please use this address rather than the one for Rush Hospital in Meridian, MS.

As far as Iím doing - much better. Everyday is an improvement from the one before.  Iím still a long way from throwing an 80 pound harness across a horseís back - but that day will come.

What to expect on this site - As I gain some strength, Iím gong to spend more time writing.  You can expect to see some more short stories and some general blogs about life on the road.

As far as what happened to me: well I had life throw me a kick in the pants.  This is to be expected when you set off on a dream or a goal. When able to do so, reach back and dust off your seat and drive on.  Every journey has a beginning and an end - but they should always be of your own choosing.

Live Large,  Bob