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New Story & More Travelers


November 8, 2011 - Missouri Valley, IA - Iím still playing the ĎManís Garmeí at the nuclear plant in Nebraska. Everything is going pretty well.

There are some more new Wagon Travelers on the road.

I mentioned earlier that there were two couple that have driven out of Michigan. The second couple, that I didnít have a link for are posting a webpage on Facebook.  Go to Facebook and search for - Slow Road Travel.

Also, my good friend Ernie Bessette, whom I met on my first journey in New York State, is making a wagon trip around the south, before driving back to upstate New York in the spring.  He should be hitting the road in Georgia about now. When I get a way of following his travels, Iíll pass it on.

An exact replica of the Biscuit Wagon is up for Sale.  Steve Rich visited me in Arkansas and got all the measurements. Then he went home and constructed a copy.  He recently lost one of his mules and has the other up for sale; deciding to get out of driving.  If youíre interested, the wagon is in Alabama.  Contact Bryan Burcham on Facebook. For the purchase price, I donít know if Steve is going to want some Gravy to go with his Biscuit? - Ha ha.

Lately, I havenít devoted all my time to working.  I just finished writing a new ďTop HandĒ story about the cowgirl Sandy. Cowgirl Up is quite an adventure.  Itís a bit longer than my usual short story.  I hope you like it.

Live Large,  Bob