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1/19/09, Henry, TN - We wrapped up our visit to the roadside park this morning with several visitors stopping by, including Don Townley, who brought me a couple of nice bales of hay and some homemade sausage and some farm eggs - Thanks Don.

Joyce was feeling a little out of it today with a runny nose.  At lunch I started her on some antibiotics and some bute. Amazingly enough, Dollie pitched in pretty good to pick up the slack when pulling the hills.  Of course she had to be dramatic about it.  When we started on one hill she settled back on her haunches enough to cause her front feet to come off the ground about a foot.

We stopped for lunch a couple of miles past the city of Paris. Several folks stopped by to chat and wish us well, including a couple of local teamsters who take their wagons on week long trips.

Shortly after lunch a guy flagged me down and apologized that the state had charged me seventeen bucks to camp at the Paris Landing State Park.  He gave me $20 and said it was a refund.  Since he didnít give his name, I would like to thank the fine citizens of Paris Landing for their thoughtfulness, community spirit and generosity.

Tonight Iím camped at the home of John McComsey, just south of the town of Henry. John is pulling out of here with a wagon, bound for Phoenix, AZ on April 1st. Johnís wagon is being pulled by a fine looking pair of Percheron draft mules.

We went to dinner at a local Mexican restaurant and had a good time swapping ideas and stories.  I wish John only the best of luck on his trip and I hope he has a great journey.

Tomorrow weíre taking a day off to give the team a rest and let Joyce get over her cold.

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