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6-17-09 004_edited-1-2
Mountain Vacation #2


6/9/10 & 6/10/10

6/9/10, Mt. Sneffles, CO

I started the day off, by exploring some of the local trails on horseback. I was mounted on Bill, with Bob and Doc tagging along. My goal was to find some new ponds or lakes, but my search was in vain.  However, I did get to ride through some new territory, including a large meadow that Iíve havenít previously seen.  There must have been some fairly strong winds in the past year, as there were a number of large trees blown across the trails. Unlike the large spruce blown over the ĎBlue Lakes Trailí I was able to negotiate my way around or over them.

6-10-10 002

Riding Bill through a large meadow, with Mt. Sneffels in the background. Shortly before this picture was shot, we kicked up a large bull elk feeding in the meadow.

In the afternoon, I grabbed my fishing rod and tried my luck on some old beaver ponds down below the campsite. With the hot weather, the snow melt coming off the mountain caused Dallas Creek to be near the maximum flood stage and the beaver dams were washed out.  The stream was running so hard and muddy, I didnít have any luck with the fishing.

In the evening, I accepted an invitation from Thad, who was camping about 300 yards above me for supper. Itís hard to say no for a great meal of salad, steak and salmon.  Thad is a Philosophy Professor from Arizona State, who was up camping with his kids for a couple of days.  I think B.O.B. wanted to match philosophical wits with Thad, but sadly missed the opportunity.

6-10-10 003

To save on grass and make life a little easier, I penned Bill in the playpen and had Bob and Doc running free most of the time. This worked great until they decided to visit Nancy (camped 1/4 mile below me) for an extended time.  Then, I had to round the hooligans up).

6/10/10, Junction of State Hwy 62 and County Road 7 - After a lazy morning, I harnessed up and hit the dusty road. Before I left, Thad and his kids stopped by to say goodbye to the horses. Traveling down hill was a lot easier than it was pulling the grade up to the National Forest. I made Ralphís place by noon, rehitched the trailer and settled in for the night.

Tomorrow, evening, my pal Chris is going to swing by.  We plan on heading up to his mining claim near Silverton. Ralph has offered to keep the horses on some graze for a couple of days.  All in all, my second vacation in the mountains was a good one.  No fish, but thereís always a next time!

6-10-10 004

Two of Thadís kids, stopping by this morning to say goodbye to Doc.

6-10-10 006

Leaving the Sneffels Range