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Mostly a Day Of Rest


2/7/09, Columbus, MS - We only drove about 6 miles today before finding a place to settle down and rest. After all the miles yesterday the team was still a little tired this morning and it took a while before the morning stiffness worked out of their muscles. It was a beautiful day with sunny skies and temperatures in the low 70s. 

The Myers family from Greenwood, MS drove across the state this morning to visit with me and brought gifts of hay, oats, wine and lunch - Thank you.

We pulled into the Coan farm, about 6 miles south of route 82 on US 45.  The horses sure enjoyed the down time.  Like humans, they need it as much from a psychological standpoint as they do for a physical one.  Its ironic how people and horses can both go home from work and find relaxation by mowing the lawn!

Journey 2-7-09 003

Tomorrow, were going to continue southward on US 45.

The following two photos were shot by yesterday by James Holland Jr. about the same time that the WCBI news team were shooting some footage - thanks James.

Photos Courtesy James Holland Jr. Amory, MS