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10/29/10, Monroe, MI - I spent most of last night in the reactor primary containment structure, decked out in a doubled-up thickness of anti-contamination clothing.  As I was loosening a pipe fitting on the bottom of a flow meter, hoping that all the radioactively contaminated water coming out of the meter was actually falling into a plastic bag; I was reminded of a quote by Henry David Thoreau - ‘All men lead lives of quiet desperation, and go to the grave with the song still in them’.

Now that you’ve read the previous paragraph, you probably thought. ‘Wow, he has deep thoughts, just like B.O.B. the Horse’. 

Actually, the last sentence was all poppycock. What I was really thinking was, ‘If I spill this stuff on me, and have to spend the next two hours in a shower getting it off; I’m going to be so ticked off ...’  But, it sounded good. so I used an author’s license and wrote it anyway.   Also, I think B.O.B. the Horse telepathically communicated the last line to remind me that a life of big horses, open skies and smiling faces is only a few weeks away.

If I could actually ask the horses what they think, they would probably respond something like this:

Doc - “Hang in there Bob.  Anything is possible if you have the right hairdo!”

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Bill - “Keep your eye on the right flank.  That’s where trouble comes from.”

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B.O.B. - “If Henry David Thoreau had to relieve himself right on the brink of the Continental Divide, how would have he handled the philosophical quandary of his stream flowing into both oceans?”

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