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6-17-09 004_edited-1-2
Mancos and Beyond


5/8 through 5/10/10

5/8/10, La Plata Canyon, Co - I took the day off to kick back and give everybody a rest. The horses were penned at Loraineís, while the wagon was parked next door at Jessieís.  In the morning, I put some shoes on Bob, then went for a walk down to the river. The water was pretty high and there werenít any pools, so I didnít break out the rod and try my hand at fishing.

I consider La Plata Canyon to be one of relatively undiscovered, jewels of Southwest Colorado.  It hasnít changed much in the 25 years since my last visit. The upper 2/3ís of the canyon is mostly National Forest, with three campgrounds and a nice trout stream running through it.  If you get a chance, itís definitely worth a visit.

5-10-10 002

Relaxing along the bank of the La Plata River.

After gathering up a huge pile of firewood, we started a bonfire.  Jessieís boyfriend, Kevin, is an artist with a dutch oven, and made a great cornbread enchilada. It was a perfect end to a great day off.

5-10-10 004

IChowing down on a cast iron cooked meal around the campfire.

5/9/10, Mancos, CO - After a twenty mile drive, I ended the day right in the middle of the town of Mancos.

With the exception of one big uphill, it was mostly a day of easy cruising, as we moved from the 8700 feet elevation, down to 7000 feet. A lot of folks stopped to say Ďhií, impart due to our story in the Durango Herald.

In the afternoon, I met with Hope, a reporter from the Cortez newspaper, for a cocktail and an interview.  Her friend, Cindy, from Mancos, was along as well.  After the interview, Cindy invited me to stop by her place in Mancos for the night,

5-10-10 005

La Plata Canyon -  a great place

So, we pulled into Mancos, and the team commenced to mow Cindyís lawn. Cindy just recently bought the place, which is an old Forest Service Ranger station in the heart of town, It was a great place to stay,  I got a chance to do some visiting, the team entertained the neighborhood kids, we had a great supper (thanks to Hope) and I even got my laundry done.  Thank you Hope and Cindy.

5/10/10, North of Mancos, CO - This was real short day.  I was cruising down the road north of Mancos, when I met Carl, who invited me to his ranch to rest the team.  Itís a nice place and Carl is a great guy so I pulled in. This afternoon, I have the team munching on some grass in their playpen. Later I plan on turning them out in a penned in area for the evening.  Iím in the San Juan Mountains, the streams are still running high, and there is snow above 9000 feet. So, when an opportunity exist for a little down time, I intend to take it.

5-10-10 007

Ski Hesperus, at the mouth of the La Plata Canyon. It only has about 300 feet of vertical; but, a seasonís ticket cost less than a weekend pass at the major ski areas.

5-10-10 009

This morning, Doc got some company from the girl next door before she went to school.

5-10-10 010

The Amigos, with their lunchtime oats at Carlís place.