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1/24/09, Hickory Flats, TN - It was a little slow starting off from the restaurant.  What I thought was firm ground ahead of the wagon turned out to be soft sand.  Not to worry, there always seems to be someone with a pickup and a length of chain. We ran the chain up between the lead team and used both horses and truck to pull us out - thanks to those that helped!.

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Everywhere we stopped today we drew quite a crowd. The picture below was at our morning break in the parking lot of a gas station. A lot of kids got to pet the furry horses.

Lunchtime was an even bigger crowd with a lot of horse and mule people stopping by.  One guy and his wife had four Percherons, three grays and a black (what are the odds).

We drove about 18 miles today through some fairly hilly terrain. All of the horses pulled really well.  Joyce is just about back to normal. The runny nose has cleared up and sheís leaning into her collar on the hills. I swapped the collars around for three mares and it seems to be working well.  The biggest surprise is Dolly. Sheís wearing Joyceís old collar which has a lot of stuffing in it.  Dolly seems to like it a lot and really pulled well today.

The generosity of the people Iíve met in the past few days is really amazing.  To give you an idea, I had a full load of hay on board today and had to turn down 6 offers for more hay. Then there was the farm raised T-Bones, fresh eggs, pecans, canned preserves and money.  Folks here in Tennessee treat us horse drivers pretty good - Thanks everyone!

Iím about 4 miles south of the route 22/100 intersection tonight.  Iím staying at Fredís place and the horses and I are set up real well.  I passed on an opportunity to go coon hunting tonight.  A nice comfortable bed sounded a lot better then running around the woods chasing dogs all night.