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2/26/10, Gatesville, TX - The day started off in the low 50’s, but not long after we were underway, the wind shifted to the northwest and the temperature started falling. In spite of the cooling temperatures, we drew a lot of attention from people passing by. A lot of this was due to the recent press and TV coverage in Waco.

2-26-10 00102

Common theme - people waiting for us by the side of the road.

The first two thirds of the trip today was over flat ground, with farm land on both sides of the road. As we drew closer to Gatesville. the terrain became quite hilly and swapped back over to rangeland.

The roads here in Texas are excellent for driving horses. The shoulders are nice and wide and there aren’t too many rumble strips.

Not long before we camped for the night, Tina stopped to offer us some hay. Later she stopped by with her three boys and brought us some excellent Coastal Bermuda. Tina’s husband is stationed at nearby Fort Hood and they’ll soon be transferring to Indiana (of all places).

2-26-10 00302

Tina’s three boys on Bill, who loves attention as much as Doc.

I’m camped tonight at the Geebler Ranch, about 4 miles east of Gatesville. Larry and his wife have been great. We’re inside a 170 acres pasture. I was going to turn the lads loose tonight, but then I thought about how much ‘fun’ it would be to catch them in the morning. Instead, I set up their electric fence.

Larry and his wife have cattle, but also have a large herd of goats, some llamas, and a few nice looking Longhorns.

2-26-10 00602

“Hey Bill, you’re the boss. You go over and find out if those funny looking cows with the weird horns are okay. We’ll keep an eye on the hay.”

Tomorrow, we’re going to continue my journey westward on Route 84. If the terrain stays hilly, I think I’ll go easier on the team and try for about 15 miles a day, instead of 20.

2-26-10 00802

My supper time view