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Little Girls and Horses



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11/15/09, Homer, IN - This was another wonderful day on the wagon. This morning, Barry and I broke camp, while Denise cooked up a big breakfast feed.  It was 9:30 am before we finally pulled out of the Burtonís and hit the road.  For the morning hitch, I drove the two Belgians, while Denise road Doc. All morning long we met folks that have been following my travels, and were excited to stop, chat and take a few pictures.

By the time we pulled in for a late lunch on the outskirts of Rushville, Bill was pretty tired, so I decided to break him out of the hitch for the afternoon and put Doc next to Bob. This was the first time Iíve had them hitched together to the wagon, but it turned out to be no big deal - they pulled well together.

We traveled back streets through the city of Rushville.  Everywhere we went, there were little girls anxious to meet horses. Being certified wagon horses, the team naturally enjoyed the attention and a few pets.  If you could ask a horse, nine out of ten would agree that women and kids have nicer hands, both for petting and for handling driving lines or reins.

We had an invitation from Susan to spend the night at their property, about seven miles west of Rushville, it the town of Homer.  Like our visit last summer, Susan not only put us up, but provided us with supper and gave Barry a ride back to pick up his trailer and truck - Thank You Susan!

Not long after we showed up in Homer, so did a bunch of girls to see the horses - well the pictures tell the story.

This was a really fun and rewarding day. Tomorrow, weíre heading west on State Route 44 to the farm of friends, Joe and Pat Mohr, located a few miles west of Shelbyville.

11-15-09 003

Driving down country roads, Bob and Bill pulling, Doc ridden by Denise

11-15-09 004

Break Time

11-15-09 012

After lunch, Doc and Bob pulling, Denise riding Bill

11-15-09 011

But, the best thing is sitting on a huge horse with two of your best friends - that is the absolute best!

Wow, horses in our neighborhood!

11-15-09 016

Itís hard find something better then feeding treats to a horse.

11-15-09 028

Well, sitting on a giant horse is a lot better!

11-15-09 030-1

Sitting on a horse with your friend is even better!

11-15-09 034