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Life in the Valley


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9/13/10, Estrella, CO - I’ve been settled in back at the farm for a little over a week.  And while things don’t occur at quite the pace they do on the wagon, a lot has taken place. First of all, I have an job at a 5 week shutdown of a nuclear plant in Michigan.  On October 11th, I start working 72 hour weeks for a little over a month. The pay is pretty good, so this ought to give me a few months of time later on to write the book ‘Biscuit Wagon’ and to get some projects done.

In the past week, I’ve managed to balance out my time between projects around the place and having a little fun. Melissa has been a single mom for the past nine years, so there’s a never ending amount of chores that need done around the place.

On the fun side, we’ve managed to sneak in a few rides and at least one evening/nighttime hitch of the wagon.  With virtually no traffic and a full set of lights on the wagon, nighttime cruises are a blast.

9-13-10 002

The sun had just set over the San Juan Mountains when I snapped this picture.  Bob and Bill were pulling the wagon, with Melissa, Maggie and myself on board. Doc and Hannah were enjoying each other’s company out front. There’s nothing either of these two would rather being doing, than strolling down a country road like they were.  We cruised about 8 miles Friday night, with about half of the dogs for company.

By the way, Melissa got a real kick about the Guestbook comment that she was young enough to be my daughter.  I suppose it would have been possible, but only if I had sired her while I was in diapers.

In other news: Does everybody remember when B.O.B. accidentally kicked me on the left side of the forehead? Well, Bill rewarded my stupidity this time by giving me a swat in the exact same spot.  While I was breaking the nail clinches to pull off his horseshoes, be took a belly kick at a fly and gave me a goose egg on the forehead.  I had every intention of spraying him with fly spray first, but I was too lazy to walk over to the wagon to get it.  ‘Smack, that will knock some common sense in that thick skull of yours”, mumbled Bill.

9-13-10 004-1

Melissa driving the team on a moon-less night, while Maggie has fun stretching out up front.  At the time, I was enjoying my time sitting in the back, and sipping on a glass of wine.  As Clementine use to say - Being a Teamster is a ‘Ruff’ life!

The agenda for the next few weeks is to have fun and do a few more chores. On October 2nd, I catch a flight to Indiana to pick up the truck and my stuff, and do a little visiting.  After that I’ve got a few days to visit with family in West Michigan before I’m off to work.

In the meantime, stay tuned (and try not to chew the gum to fast) I’ll be posting again in a few days.