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Last Full Day Down Lake Erie



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10/31/08, Geneva, OH (Happy Halloween) I pulled out of my hostís place at around 8:30 am. My first stop was at Tractor Supply in Edgewood.  Susan, my hostess from the previous evening had arranged some free grain, courtesy of Tractor Supply. The good folks there, even promised to pass the word down the line of my travel route so I could stock up at other Tractor Supplies. - Thanks.

I had a nice drive through the morning and afternoon.  The team was still a little tired from our 7 day straight run last week, so they didnít have much pep, but we pulled through.

In Geneva, I picked up Susan, her two kids and a friend for the next hour or so.  We stopped at a home for developmentally challenged adults and let them pet the horses.  Susan got a chance to drive the team for a bit (she did good!) Then we pulled into Jay and Charlotteís place west of Geneva for the evening. The horses and I are set up very and relaxing for the evening.

This was definitely a great day -  good weather, nice people and great places to see. One thing I donít like is the curbs on the side of the road and the narrow lanes hear in Ohio. Nice wide lanes and big shoulders are more to my liking.

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