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Last Day in Good 'ol Tennessee

1/27/09, Michie, TN - My last full day in Tennessee began with an 8:30 am departure from Adamsville. The entire morning and early afternoon was foggy, but visibility stayed good enough for driving.  We rolled through some beautiful country, leading up to and through the Shiloh National Military Park. 

The park was very serene and peaceful, a sharp contrast to what it must have been 147 years ago when the crack of cannon, the whistling of minnie balls and the chaos of battle filled the air.  The battlefields have been carefully preserved with cannon and signs marking the positions of the various engagements.

We drove about 19 miles and the horses put in a pretty long day. Doc needed a little encouragement at times but he hung in there.  Tonight weíre camped behind the BP gas station/food mart in Michie. Some very friendly folks put us up here.  The horse are enjoying a nice 4 acre turnout with green grass and a pond.

Iíve spent the past two weeks traveling through the western portion of the state and have thoroughly enjoyed myself.  Everywhere Iíve went in the great state of Tennessee, good people have gone out of their way to make me feel welcome. If I had a lighter wagon, I would love to spend a few months traveling throughout the entire state.

Tomorrow weíre crossing into to Mississippi. Judging by the folks Iíve already met from this state, I think Iím going to have a great time there as well.

11/28/09, Michie, TN - Taking the day off due to inclement weather.



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