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Land Between the Lakes



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1/17/09, Oak Hills, TN - This was a day of traveling over water and the land between two bodies of water. 

I started the day at the Dyers Creek Church. My departure was delayed somewhat, as I had to tighten up some shoes on Doc and Dollie.  My hosts, Jeff and Jill were terrific at making us feel right at home and I sure appreciate their hospitality.

About four miles into the day we hit the bridge across the Cumberland River and crossed into the town of Dover and the land between the lakes. A few miles down the road, we stopped at a Sonic restaurant for lunch. Tammey and the staff at the Sonic were kind enough to treat us to lunch - thanks ladies.

The next ten miles were through the Land Between the Lakes National Recreation Area and was mostly through the woods. Heather, a newspaper reporter stopped us and got our story on the way.  We also chatted with several other well wishers throughout the day.

It was about 45 minutes to sundown when we approached the 2 mile long bridge across the Tennessee River/Lake Kentucky. I shot several pictures of this crossing as itís actually the largest water crossing weíve done to date.  In spite of the high winds at the center of the bridge and the steep incline leading to the center, the horses did great.  The shot of my GPS shows us starting unto the bridge with the 2 mile crossing ahead of us.

When we made it across, the sun was setting and it was definitely time to find a place to camp. Paris Landing State Park offered a possibility so I pulled in and asked a ranger - Tim, if we could camp there.  He got permission for us and located us in the section of the campground with electric and water. For the first time this trip, I actually paid to camp somewhere. However, the $17 dollars was well spent because the only other option was the side of the road.

Weíre the only guest in the campground so itís nice and private. The horses are enjoying their hay and grass in their electric fence and are having a nice restful night. They pulled about 18 miles today through some hilly terrain.  Even Dolly managed to pull her share on the hills, so theyíll all probably spend most of the night laying down and getting some rest.

In spite of all the hills, this was a nice day of travel through some nice scenic countryside.  Tomorrow, were off for Paris, TN.

Right now, Iím off to the bathtub. Because of the cold temperatures, I passed on the bath the last couple of nights.  If I didnít get one tonight, Iím sure I would be facing some wrinkly nosed horses in the morning.

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