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Labor Day Rest - Day 1



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August 31, Sunapee, NH - I woke early and fed the horses around 4:30 am. At 6 am I pulled Joyce out and reset her hind shoes.  She had lost the drilltex (composite coating) off one side and the nail heads had started to wear.

Beth got here about 8 am and we both went over to eat breakfast with Ned and Grace. They are the most gracious hosts and do everything they can to ensure their guests feel right at home.

Beth and I went for ride after breakfast.  As usual, I had to stay pretty close to prevent any horse thievery.  I know itís going to be tough getting Doc to work when we pull out, as she has been coaching him about how easy life would be as a Fox Hunting horse - whew!  It was a really nice ride.

In the afternoon, we went out for lunch, visited the lakeside park in Newberry, stopped at the drugstore and recon-ed part of the route Iíll have to take on Tuesday.

Returning to the wagon, we had a couple of cocktails and grilled up some steak tips.

This has been the most relaxing and pleasant day Iíve had this trip. Unfortunately, Beth has to leave Monday morning and head back to the real world.  Iím definitely going to miss her company.

Iím taking Monday off as well. This will give the horses a much needed break and I wonít have to fight Labor day traffic.

This was a really fantastic day!!!!


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