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2/9/10, Kerens, TX - Everywhere we went today we ran into some really great, friendly people.  All day long there were people honking, waving, taking pictures and stopping to say ‘hi’.  A lot of folks also brought us some nice gifts.

We were both under the impression that a lot of Texans ‘Really Get It’! - That there is a whole lot of life that exist beyond the pursuit of the dollar and acquiring material things. Today, we met people from all walks of life: cowboys, truckers, farmers, ranchers, moms, retired folks, a Judge, and kids.  It was a real rewarding day.

I had Bob and Doc hitched up and they pulled pretty well.  We would have made a lot of miles today, but found it a lot more fun to spend some time chatting with everyone.

Tonight, we camped at the grain store in the town of Kerens. The owner and his family have been fantastic and have really rolled out the red carpet.  The team is tied tonight, but are feasting on some great hay and grain, complements of the feed store.  Denise and I were also treated to a steak dinner, at the restaurant down the street.

I guess the best way to sum this day up is - “Wow”.

Tomorrow, we’ve accepted an invitation from the owners son and daughter in law, and are driving out to their place to rest the team for a day.

2-9-10 001

Skip, who brought us the Tyler Newspaper with our front page article and a nice gift.

2-9-10 004

A couple of nice fellows who stopped to chat at the roadside park.

2-9-10 008

Crossing the Trinity River

2-9-10 015

A nice lady, who with her husband stopped and brought us a bag of feed.

2-9-10 016

Talking with the Kerens reporter while a mom and her son stopped to visit the team.

2-9-10 019

Some horse lovers at the gas station in Kerens.

2-9-10 021

The local Wagonmaster at the gas station in Kerens

2-9-10 027

Camped at the Kerens feed store - great folks.

2-9-10 025

A lot of folks were interested in our travels at the feed store

2-9-10 029

Bill & Lauren Rascher, whom I met at Horse Progress Days, in Indiana, and drove an hour and a half to visit with us.

2-9-10 031

Doc likes little girls, whether they’re coming or going!