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6-17-09 004_edited-1-2
Kids, Kids, Everywhere


4/15/10, Hernadez, NM - This was a great day for meeting people, but I had two run in’s with the law.

It was a beautiful morning, with clear skies and mild temperatures.  I broke camp at the free camping area of the Tesuque Pueblo Indian Reservation and headed over to the gas station to fill up some water jugs.  After I was done, the Manager came out and was a little perturbed that I didn’t ask his permission to use the faucet first.  I replied that the gals last night gave it to me. Then he said I need to clean up some horse dropping in the driveway.  I said there’s no law against that. So, he called the tribal police, and guess what? - they said it was against tribal law. Not wanting to rot away in a mud hut jail house, I pitched the droppings into the bushes; then I did what ‘Ol Kit Carson would have done - I got the heck out of Indian Country.  I held Bob and Doc at a trot for the three miles it took to clear the reservation. It’s a good thing too - because 100 yards after leaving the reservation, I saw that same tribal policeman (he must have found the manure in the campground). The only thing better than a fast horse, is three fast horses!

4-15-10 001

This little girl and her mommy loved petting the horses.

The next Pueblo was a whole lot friendlier, and the kids and their parents started coming out in droves. 

The only one who is more of a sucker for kids wanting to pet horses then me, is Old Doc. This is the main reason he shrugged off his injuries and signed on for Trip #3.

The little boy I’m holding below was absolutely captivated by the horses.  He had to pet each one about three times.

4-15-10 002

I bet you it will be this fun with my grandkids too!

The boys got a whole lot of breaks today, as the scene shown below was repeated at least three dozen times. Bill was getting a little jealous walking in the back, so I had to make sure he got a little ‘sugar’ too.

I had lunch on the side of the road. Just as I was about to hitch up and hit the road, a Deputy from the Santa Fe County Sheriff’s Department stopped by to do a final check on me and make sure I was okay.  I couldn’t say enough good things about the Santa Fe County Sheriff and his Deputies!

4-15-10 004

I think the main reason Doc likes to team with Bob, is that he gets to run on the right side, thereby getting the most pets.

After lunch, I drove a few miles into the city of Espanola.  Traffic was fairly heavy and was complicated by some road construction in the last mile before entering town.  I did a fairly good job of staying out of everyone’s way. I had to get some prescriptions filled at Walmart, so I started down the road to Taos. Traffic was heavy when I pulled in front of the grain store for a few bags of oats.  As the employee was helping load the grain in the trailer, he said to me, “I think what you’re doing; showing the people the horses, is a really good thing.”  This really helped my already buoyed spirits.

4-15-10 006

A girl in Espanola who really like the horses.

On the road between the grain store and Walmart, I was pulled over by an Officer from the Espanola Police Department. She was a little confused about the law, but was sure I couldn’t drive a team through town.  I differed with her and she called her Supervisor for clarification. The Supervisor said I couldn’t drive a team through town and that I had to leave.

I was done running from the law for the day, and asked her to cite the specific law or ordinance that I was in violation of. She couldn’t think of one so called back to HQ for help. They couldn’t think of any either, so I was let go and told to stay to the right.  I replied, “In the interest of everyone’s safety, it’s what I do”.

4-15-10 005

The Espanola Police Supervisor shown asking HQ.  The first Officer was a little camera shy, so she stepped back, out of the picture.  Hey, I’m not a 60 minutes camera crew, I’m just an average guy, driving some great horses.

So, after Walmart, I headed back through town, and cut over to US Route 82.  Then I left town - at a walk this time.  I figured the Espanola Police Department wasn’t bad, they were just confused and not really sure of the actual laws.  They buzzed me a couple of times on the way out, but left me alone. They probably figured that even though I’m slow, give me a little time and I’ll be gone (they were so right).

Tonight, I’m about a mile south of the town of Hernadez, at the home of Jose.  I met him just north of Espanola, and he offered me a place to stay on his property.  He’s a super guy, who has really gone out of his way to ensure I have everything I need, including power and water.  A lot of folks in this largely Hispanic community have stopped by to wish me well.

In spite of a couple of incidents, this has been a great day.  We brought a lot of smiles to a lot of faces; and i got a change to use two ‘Get Out of Jail Free’ cards.  Now how many people can say that?

Tomorrow should be a short day before we pull into the horse ranch of some folks down the road.  I’ve been extended an invitation to stop and rest the team. The Three Amigos have marched through half the State of New Mexico since the last day off, and are really ready for a couple of days of pasture time.

I didn’t have an internet signal tonight, so I’ll post this blog tomorrow afternoon.