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Kicked Out of Levelland, TX


3/26/10, Levelland, TX - After 4500 miles of travel, through 14 states, the crew of the wagon has had a knew experience; we have been kicked out of town! Around 4:30 pm, two officers of the Levelland Police Department, acting on the orders of their Chief, informed me that I must take the team and find another place to stay, as we were not welcome in Levelland.

Then, they were kind enough to contact the head of the road commission and ensure me that I can stay at a roadside park north of town; but, I must ensure that the horses donít get on the grass. I have never had the pleasure of so much great southern hospitality, and must extend I fond Ďthank youí to the elected and appointed officials of this fine city, for making my stay such a brief, but memorable one.

3-26-10 001

As I was packing to leave, along came Gene and his wife who offered me a place to stay, on property they own, three miles to the south. I gratefully accepted, hitched up Doc and Bill, and away we went. Just after we arrived here, Gene and his wife showed up with some KFC chicken and a case of beer.  These are some great folks and we had a great time tossing down a couple of beers.

Tomorrow, weíre hitching up and driving north once again.  I sure hope we donít offend the elected and appointed officials of Levelland as we pass through their fine city, Iíll politely ask the team to clamp down on their bowel movements as we move through the city, less we leave too many reminders of our travel through town.

3-26-10 002