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Just About Ready


6/17/09, Bentonville, IN - Just about all of the wagon construction and painting is now done. Thanks to the help of local teamster Denver Durham, The painting was finished in record time. You can tell by the pictures that the color scheme is similar to the old wagon.  After we finished painting, Denver and I took the lads out for an 11 mile spin. They havenít been hitched in more then a week, so they were a little bouncy at first, but it didnít take more then a few miles at a trot to settle them right down.  Once they settle down, theyíre usually in step and are a real pleasure to drive.

6-17-09 004

If you take a look at these beautiful pictures driving through the Indiana countryside with a great team, try to imagine what could be more fun - pretty tough to come up with something, huh?  My thoughts exactly! 

Tomorrow is a day for last minute finish up, touch up, clean up and pack up. After I get things packed and settled in, Iíll post some pictures of the inside of the wagon.

Tonight, Iíve got the horses in temporary electric fence and were transitioning  to the wagon mode - (Home is that green grass at the end of some driveway).

I would say things are definitely looking up and moving forward!

6-17-09 005
6-17-09 008
6-17-09 010