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6-17-09 004_edited-1-2
Into the Dolores River Valley


6/17 & 6/18/10

Rico, CO - From a start as a Basque Sheepherder in Lizard Head Pass, the team and I descended into the Dolores River Valley.

For the most part, it was a gentle downgrade and an easy pull. A lot of people stopped to visit, including a group of inner-city kids from Phoenix, who were brought up to the Circle K ranch by a Phoenix couple.

Bill really likes stealing a bit of Docís thunder and getting some extra special attention.  Bill has undergone a complete personality change since he has been a wagon horse. At one time him and Bob were old Amish farm horses that didnít really like people. Now they think they are absolutely great, especially Bill.

1-17-10 001-1

If the team and I have a soft spot for kids, itís especially true of inner city kids, who never get a chance to experience something of this nature. Most of them will remember their encounter with big horses the rest of their life.

1-17-10 002-1

Judging by the smiles on their faces, these two little girls just might be a little happy!

At the same rest stop that I met this group of kids, I also met Molly. Later Molly came by the campsite and brought a nice supper for us. Then she took my laundry home and did it. Itís great people like this that really make the trip a joy.

After stopping in Rico to grab a few things from the store and take advantage of the first cell and internet service for the past few days, I headed south, looking for a good camping spot.

1-17-10 003-1

The inner city kids and the couple that brought them down from Phoenix.

About 3 miles south of Rico, I found a great camping spot along the banks of the Dolores River. At the time only one other camper was there. Later, this would be the place where the Randall/Lopez Family Reunion would take place. Since I was joining the festivities, this great family adopted me for the next day and a half and were fantastic.

I ended up taking a day off. The lads had plenty of grass, and I had the hospitality of this great family.  With a little fishing, some good food and company.  It was a really nice time. 

1-17-10 004

B.O.B. taking a drink from the river.

Saturday morning, (6/19) I said goodbye to my adopted family and hit the road. The lads and I had a great day off, but now itís time to see some beautiful country and do some fishing. My route is a slow one down the Dolores River, then to Mancos and Durango.  After that, I think Iíll head south and go visit LuAnn Baker, who held the Womenís Driving Clinic. After that; well, Iíll see.

6-18-10 001

The early morning crowd from the Randall/Lopez Family

Meadow shot

Wagonteamster Camp - Lizard Head Pass  Photos courtesy the Seiserís

meadow shot tall