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Into the Deep South

1/28/09, Michie, TN - When I woke in the morning, the rain was just turning to snow. Even though we didnt get a half inch, I was looking for an excuse to lay over another day.  The horses had 4 acres of decent graze and I was settled in real comfortable, thanks to the Baker family.  It ended up being a real relaxing day for both the horses and I.


1/29/09, Corinth, MS - Today was very pleasant.  We traveled about 17 miles, settling in for the evening a few miles south of Corinth.  It was cold when we pulled out this morning and I broke out some chemical hand warmers for the gloves. 

About 5 miles down the road we crossed into Mississippi.  Another mile down the road and I pulled into a gas station/food mart for a couple of breakfast sandwiches. A gentleman with an extremely good memory and a good knowledge of civil war history told me the 10 minute version of the Battle of Shiloh and the siege of Corinth in 1862.  If I had the time, Im sure he could have given me the 10 hour version (I found it very interesting and informative.)  Before I pulled out, the guy working the cash register asked If I would stop at a private Baptist school three miles down the road to let the kids see the horses.

I pulled into the school parking lot for lunch and unhitched the horses. The young man in the picture to the right  has Percherons at home and was quite competent at handling horses.  I let him drive the wheel team off the pole and he did a good job.  He also volunteered to help me unbridle the horses - thanks. It never ceases to amaze how confident and capable kids are when they grow up around horses.

When I was about to hitch back up, Dollie somehow got a hind foot caught in one of her quarter straps. There are no flies, so she must have been trying to scratch an itchy spot.  Most horses would panic in this situation, but she calmed right down with just a word and let me unfasten the strap. All of the horses have a lot of trust in me and always settle right down at the sound of my voice.

Tonight were settled in at the door business about a mile south of the junction of route 145 and 45.  Rush hour traffic started getting a little crazy, so I pulled in here and asked the owner if we could camp for the night. Were set up good with both water and power.

Jeremy, who brought me some hay in Michie, stopped by to chat tonight. He tracked me to my location by reading the sign.  A lot of people can find me by following the manure trail, but the horses stop leaving this trail about 3:30 pm every day when they finish digesting their morning hay.  Good trackers, like Jeremy also look for the scuff marks the horses make on the pavement.

Tomorrow, were headed south on US route 45.


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