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Into a Stiff Wind


12/14/08, Rushville, IN - It was a good day for travel, but quite windy. We managed to put in about 18 miles today, but most of it was into a 20 to 30 mph wind from the south. Fortunately, the temperature started out just above freezing and continued to rise all day long.  I was tempted to break out a Hawaiian shirt and sunglasses for Doc, but I didnít want him to break his concentration.  He pointed his head into the wind and set a nice crisp pace today. 

The first real town we hit today was Rushville, about 14 miles down the road from our starting point.

Journey 12-14 001

I stopped at a gas station for a cup of coffee and this cute little red headed girl was quite happy about getting a chance to meet the horses

The next picture shows a little different angle of my view from the driving compartment. You can see how the bend in the wagon tongue causes the lead team to be offset a few inches to the left of the wheelers.  Iím going to call Pioneer Equip. tomorrow and see if I can order a new tongue. Iím tempted to use the horses to try and bend it back, but I think Iíve got a 50/50 chance of breaking it or the running gear, so I think Iíll pass on that idea.

Journey 12-14 002

Iím camped tonight at Josh and Rhondaís place, about 4 miles to the west of Rushville, IN, on route 44.  Theyíve been terrific hosts and Rhonda makes a fantastic jambalya.

The weather is suppose to have itís ups and downs tonight and tomorrow, so weíll play it by ear.  Thereís a good chance of freezing rain about the time we normally pull out.

It was a quiet day, but a nice day for travel. Tonight, the wind is blowing hard and really rocking the wagon.  Tonight, the bed will be like sleeping in a rocking cradle.