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10/30/08 - Kingsville, OH - We got off to a little bit of a late start from Ralph and Donna’s as the wagon couldn’t quite negotiate a sharp turn onto the road and dropped a tire into a ditch.  Ralph came to the rescue with his tractor and pulled us out. Ralph and Donna were fantastic hosts and I’m going to miss them.  They treated us great and left us well provisioned for the trip ahead - Thanks!

About 5 miles down the road, the team and I took our first break.  According to my calculations, Dolly and Doc stood for the break in Ohio, while Joyce, Deedee and I were in Pennsylvania.  This means they were in the Midwest, while we were still in the Northeast.

We stopped for lunch in the city of Conneaut.  Quite a crowd stopped by to visit and see the horses. One lady “Elsa” couldn’t believe that anyone would actually ride a horse as big as these. She changed her mind after I boosted her up on Deedee.

We stopped and chatted with several people today.  The bottom picture was taken towards the sun, but shows the cutest identical twin girls giving Doc a pat (of course, he ate it up.)

I’m camped tonight at Michael and Susan’s farm.  They have riding horses and Susan actually attended Dick Sparrows driving school and has driven 4 and 6 in-hand.  They are a very nice family and are great hosts for the team and I. 

Tomorrow is suppose to be another great day and we’ll continue our way WSW across the Northeast corner of Ohio.

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