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Horses Home and Wagon Work


5/22/09, Bentonville, IN - The new team arrived the night before last. Bill (top photo) and Bob are enjoying a day of rest while I and friend Barry finish up some work framing in the storage boxes on the wagon. It has been great of Barry to come down for a couple of days to work on the wagon. Previously, I built a shelf for supplies in the back and framed in the front seats.

Today, a lady from South Bend, IN is coming to look at Doc and Joyce for adoption.  This is real bittersweet for me.  We’ve been down a lot of roads together and shared some adventures.  While I would love to have them in new homes where they are used for riding and light pulling, it’s awful hard to think that they might be going, but it would definitely be best for them.

This morning, I drove west for about 60 miles over the route I took last December. Today’s trip was very nostalgic. Every time I looked out over the steering wheel, I was half expecting to see four horses spread out in front of me. Driving down the road, I said to myself, ‘Wouldn’t it be nice to see some fellow driving a team and a wagon on a trip to everywhere?’

Then I got to thinking - a few more short weeks and I will see a wagon and a team. It will be a fresh team and a new wagon. The teamster will have a few more miles under his belt, but in a way everything will be as before, but also completely different. There’s a magic to the world on a journey at three miles and hour. Everyday is different from the one before it.  Each day brings new places and faces. There are a lot of smiles, but also decisions to be made and obstacles to overcome.

Hmmm, I wonder what today is going to bring?

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